Learning is the key to continuous improvement!

At Humanpersi we develop training projects focused on the development of soft skills and competencies management.


These projects are developed in two distinct typologies:

Tailor made learning solutions

These consist in projects designed for specific needs of our clients. For example, a coaching skills development workshop for team leaders of teams formed by millennials, an outdoor team spirit event for a team that works almost exclusively in a virtual way or a feedback skills development workshop for a population of very specialized and operational technicians.

Pre-designed workshops created by Humanpersi

Most of them integrating the tools and know how of Persona Global,Humanpersi’s global partner company based in the United States and specialized in the development of digital tools for assessment and development of soft skills and competencies management. Available in face-to-face or virtual version


The Persuasive Communicator

A workshop to develop communication skills, empathy projection and flexibility. The workshop integrates a 360 degree feedback tool.

Emotional Capability for Leaders

A workshop for the development of the emotional capacities of leaders, using a model of reinforcement of self-knowledge through 360-degree feedback

Aglile Leadership

Workshop about agile leadership using the virtual simulator “AgileBuild”.

Mentoring Operational Teams

Workshop for the development of 5 mentoring competencies with impact on the development and leadership of operational teams of specialists.

Collaborative Planning and Group Problem Solving

Workshop to develop planning and problem solving competencies in a network of different partners.